QED launches Precision Liquid Level Reader

QED Environmental Systems has released its Precision Level Reader (PLR), an accurate and secure technique for determining leachate and/or condensate ranges in gas wells, with out the necessity to break the wells’ vacuum seal.
With pressure gauge น้ำมัน , liquid ranges are rapidly detected and recorded with a time, date and placement stamp without interrupting the vacuum within the well. Using a completely installed weight and tube, the PLR engages a micro-compressor and differential sensors to discover out a water level reading that’s unaffected by foam and doesn’t cross-contaminate from well to well.
There is not any exposure to harmful gases or liquids and levels are taken with the properly vacuum intact, eliminating errors as a outcome of foam in the nicely or vacuum losses. All readings are displayed immediately and saved electronically for future entry.
The PLR system consists of the Remote Measurement System (RMS), a handheld moveable PC and handset software program. An IP65 ABS enclosure homes the air pump, battery, pressure sensor and interface circuits within the RMS. The handheld unit has built-in Bluetooth and a Windows 10-based operating system.

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